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Product Introduction

MicroScan is the newest generation bedside microcirculation monitoring technology. Originated in Holland, MicroScan is the leading technology featuring automatic, real time, easy-of-use in microcirculation monitoring. MicroScan is designed to best fit in ICU, ER, PICU and other critical care environment. The device opens a window of microcirculation observation in conjunction with the macro-circulation monitoring and intervention.

Core Technology

MicroScan innovative SDF (Side-stream Dark Field) technology gives high resolution of red blood cell in tissue vessels, thanks to the proprietary optical design and unique analysis software capabilities. SDF has been widely accepted by world leading research institutes.

Enhanced Clinical Performance

New generation MicroScan is much more user friendly than previous versions. Smart features in image capturing make the otherwise complicated clinical implementation an much easier work. Automatic checking on focus, brightness and stability can help secure the quality of image, that further improves user experience.

Microcirculation Evaluation System

De Backer Score
Heterogeneity index
Total vascular density
Small vessel density
Proportion of perfused vessels (all)
Proportion of perfused small vessels (PPV)
Perfused vessel density (all)
Perfused small vessel density (PVD)

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